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I'm Liz. I'm 19 and the epitome of a free bird. I'm single as all hell. Blink 182, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Beatles, The Smiths, New Order, and The Story So Far are some of my favorites. I absolutely admire history, english, literature, and photography. Life's great, so why not make it better?:)


"The Flicking Candle Company"

lol clever clever clever use of name AND font.


i wish people had crushes on me 


I’m rewatching Johnny Bravo



today a dude slammed my finger on accident because he was closing a metal drawer i had my fingers in and i was on drive through and i literally screamed into the headset and the lady just kept ordering her drink as i was trying to hush down three different LOUD MEN SAYING “OH MY GOD WHAT DID HE DO TO YOUR HAND”

she just kept going 

i screamed into a headset and she just kept going

working in customer service